This 1964 Corvette Hot Rod Has Modern Power Under The Hood

2022-03-12 05:52:02 By : Mr. Rex Ho

The classic Chevy with a modern powertrain is a restomod stunner.

This newly modified 1964 Corvette’s modern power is awe-inspiring. Kyle Kuhnhausen, the 2018 Top Young Gun Builder winner from Creswell, Oregon, upgraded this historic automobile, claiming to have injected an abundance of sass into its powertrain. The Chevrolet Corvette has 1960s elegance and style on the surface yet boasts the power of a contemporary racecar beneath the hood. Kyle compares the Corvette to the Aston Martin DB5, the exquisite automobile popularized by Sean Connery's James Bond. Even though this machine has a lot of flairs, it has equally abundant substance and can reach frighteningly fast speeds.

This exquisite, modified Corvette promises to inject a faster speed with an improved engine and holds power like Aston Martin DB5. In the words of Kyle, the car is a tremendous amount of fun with a rush of exciting rewards.

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The beige '64 Corvette goes berserk upon lifting the hood or looking below this vehicle. Situated on an extensively altered Art Morrison IRS Chassis with JRI Double adaptable coil-overs, Wilwood 6 piston 14-inch brakes, a Woodward Road Race Rack, and massive Continental tires all-around 345/19 rear 295/19 front atop Forge line LS3 3-piece wheels with actual imitation tribars. The predator is eager to demolish any obstacles that stand in its way. A GM Performance LT4 Crate engine packs a series of hybrid oiling and comes with a handmade firewall. It links to a 4l75E gearbox, a QA1 Carbon Fiber drivetrain, and a Strange S60 IRS Differential.

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A newly designed double passage radiator and twin brushless SPAL fans lead the fight, cloaked in metal sheet work that maximizes every available square inch. This arrangement takes cold air from the bottom and expels it all via fully working hood trim ducts, a la C7 Z06.

Kyle informs its users that the oil-to-water, in-hose 10-row transmission coolant has indeed been substantially modified to take XRP Hydraflow clamshell connections. Hidden underneath the reservoir to keep gearbox temperatures in check, this device warms up quickly to the coolant, in turn, heating the oil, all while minimizing temperature spikes under intense use.

Kyle has modified the engine, providing an ideal air-bleeding with the thermal and surge tank while spinning away all of the other bothersome gas bubbles.

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