10 Reasons Why The Langen Two-Stroke Is An Epic Motorcycle

2022-03-12 05:59:58 By : Mr. Frank Young

The Langen Two-Stroke is a piece of art in the shape of a retro-styled two-stroke motorcycle.

It has been over 20 years since the launch of the last two-stroke, but they still rule the hearts of many. The last one in the USA was the Yamaha RZ350 from the ’80s. The allure of the high-revving, crazy-sounding engines still makes many enthusiasts drool. Nowadays, they exist only as enduro racers, old classics, or as clapped-out dirt bikes.

Ex-CCM Chief design engineer, Christofer Ratcliffe, aka ‘Langen’ is the founder and CEO of his namesake company Langen. Tired of the restraints put in place by a large manufacturer, and with a desire to put the once glorious British motorcycle industry back on the map, an industry that produced gems like the Brough Superior and Vincent Black Shadow, Langen, along with a small team of engineers, set out to create an even more bespoke motorcycle than he could at CCM.

Just as promised, the “Two Stroke” is a meticulously designed piece of kit that picks up the customizations where CCM spitfire left off. It may be the first offering from Langen, but it surely does the above-mentioned motorbikes justice in terms of the pure, unadulterated pursuit of engineering brilliance and extreme attention to craftsmanship as expected from a fine British vehicle. So, when the Langen two-stroke debuted in late 2020, it immediately got stroker fans’ hearts racing. The limited-edition ultra-light super naked has a lot of things going for it, here are some reasons why the Langen two-stroke is so incredible.

The bike's name itself is “Two Stroke”. It's a two-stroke vehicle that has passed the single vehicle approvals test in the UK. This can only mean more two-stroke motorcycles on the streets of the UK and hopefully the world over. The motorcycle garnered attention ever since it debuted in September 2020 at the Salon Privé́ vehicle Concours d’Elégance. The two-stroke road legal motor has been the talk of every show the motorcycle has attended ever since.

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The Two Stroke wishes to fulfill Langen's vision of spreading joy through the power of two wheels. With over 10 years of experience at CCM motorcycles creating custom machines with handmade trellis frames. Langen and his team have a great track record and seem to have done well with the two-stroke.

The Langen has a screaming 249cc, 90º V-twin with counter-rotating crankshafts, from Vins, Italy, producing 75 hp and 45 Nm both @ 11,700rpm. It is capable of launching the bike to speeds of over 140mph! This performance is possible thanks to Vins’ patented fuel and oil injection system.

Unlike classic two-strokes where the oil is directly added to the fuel in the fuel tank, the Vins system sprays a fine mist of fuel into the air intake, which then makes its way into the crankcase via carbon fiber reed valves where it mixes with the oil that is injected in from a separate reservoir beneath the fuel tank before finally going into the combustion chamber. This allows for fine adjustments in the fuel and oil going for any given rpm. Thus, making the bike similar in power figures to a 250cc two-stroke GP bike, while being kinder to the polar bears when compared to its counterparts.

Langen motorcycles follow the philosophy of the legendary Lotus designer Colin Chapman of “simplify, then add lightness”. The chassis is a laser-cut, 3D bent, and immaculately welded 7020T6 aluminum trellis frame. Other components are all high-quality machined aluminum, which also helps keep the weight low. Adding to the high-quality chassis and components is the bodywork, all hand laid Carbon fiber with 24ct gold leaf detailing.

It looks every bit as gorgeous as you can imagine. The result is a motorcycle weighing in at a feather-light 251 lbs and the power to weight ratio a ballistic 660bhp/ton.

Don't let the good looks fool you, though, the motorcycle is a racing thoroughbred. It is set up to rip up a racetrack on the weekend while being a well-mannered everyday machine. The multi disc wet clutch, six-speed gearbox is track-inspired, but is smooth enough to challenge any Suzuki.

The chassis not only holds the bike together beautifully, but the efforts made to get it as lightweight as possible make it a nimble little pocket rocket. One that is sure to put a grin on one's face while exiting corners at its 14000rpm limit.

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The ride as a result of its racing DNA is a little stiff, but does a good job ironing out the bumps on the streets. Equipped with multi-adjustable RWU Öhlins forks upfront and custom-made retro style K-Tech twin-shocks at the rear provide great riding dynamics while keeping the old-school looks and keeping the weight down.

The Twin Brembo disks upfront with Hel calipers inspire good braking confidence. Even though there is no ABS, it's not a problem due to the lightweight nature of the motorcycle. Tommaselli multi-adjustable clipons and adjustable footpegs guarantee comfort and perfect ergonomics.

As a low-volume production, the owners will get a chance to be heavily involved during the design and build of their motorcycles.

Langen can make the color match the owners’ favorite tie or have the seat tailored to match a car seat, adding to the exclusive custom-made appeal. Every new owner will have input over the ergonomics, geometry, and final design to create a bespoke machine and a lasting relationship with the Langen team.

Inspired from the 1950s British Café Racer motorcycle subculture of the ‘Ton-Up’ and the ‘Leather boy' or 'Ton-Up Boys’. These riders removed all unnecessary parts that increase the weight or aerodynamic drag to make it over 100mph. Hence, they were barely left with anything on the motorcycle, the single-seat and under-swept exhausts to low bars and no mirrors!

They raced their creations between cafés where like-minded people would appreciate each other’s ‘Ton-up’. This motorcycle encapsulates the idea of the “Ton-up”, it is light, sounds like an old 50s bike, goes over 100mph and most of all, it is handmade.

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It is pure kinetic art. The motorcycle looks like nothing on the street. Even the most exclusive of street bikes with all carbon fiber fare pale when compared to the raw mechanical yet delicately crafted look. Simple yet elegant clocks, led lighting, and spoked tubeless rims perfectly tie in this neo-retro blast from the past that goes like a bat out of hell.

The flawless welding overall, the highly functional, yet bejeweled components, and the carbon fiber air intake that lines up with the belly pan proudly bearing the Langen name in gold, make the bike that much more evocative of an old school custom Cafe Racer.

A 100-unit limited run ensures exclusivity. This also means that only a few will get to enjoy the performance of the ultra-light super naked roadster. The low volume manufacture allows the company to exact high standards of quality control.

Every component is carefully designed and built to exacting standards using either traditional methods such as hand laid carbon fiber layups and gold leaf gilding or modern methods such as 5-axis CNC machining and additive manufacturing.

There is nothing that can match it in the mere proposition of a road-legal two-stroke, let alone in performance and exclusivity. The two-stroke ties in the aspects of a traditional handmade café racer, a cutting-edge track machine, and a capable street fighter. Its exclusivity coupled with the other aspects described in the points above justify the prices starting at £28,000.

In a world moving towards silent EVs, it is endearing to see a company bring back old-school engines. What is even more heart-warming is watching how the public has responded to it, alluding to the fact that there is still hope for our beloved ICE vehicles.