Top 3 Creative and Unusual Cybertruck Accessories

2022-03-12 05:52:00 By : Mr. Martin Lau

After CEO Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla Cybertruck in 2019, he said that the electric pickup truck would be offered with “sick attachments” including, the Tesla Cyberquad (an all-electric ATV) and a camper configuration for the vehicle. However, the Cybertruck is already inspiring third-party companies to create outside-the-box accessories and mods, even though the electric pickup is not in production yet. It is expected to enter production in 2023.

Cybertruck accessories made by third-party companies include:

There is even a Cyberhouse explicitly designed for the Tesla Cybertruck that has an elevator to accommodate the vehicle! Architects from the Russian company Modern House, based in St. Petersburg, designed the Cyberhouse to withstand nuclear threats and zombie attacks.

The 1,200-lb (544-kg, dry) telescoping camper, designed by Las Vegas-based startup CyberLandr, fits neatly in Cybertruck’s bed and expands at the push of a button into a small but occupiable space.

It is a fully-equipped tiny home, complete with a bedroom, living room/office, kitchen, and bathroom when extended. It extends out over the tailgate and grows multiple times in height, employing a series of telescoping walls. A folding staircase drops down for easy access through a roller door at the back. When closed, it fits flush neatly into the truck’s bed, compacting below the tonneau cover and inside the tailgate.

The company wrote on its website:

When stowed, CyberLandr disappears entirely within the bed of the Tesla Cybertruck, creating an exceptionally low center of gravity, zero aerodynamic drag, and minimal effect on range. This allows you to take CyberLandr through terrain more rugged than you would dare take most Overlanding trailers while still being able to take it into a parking garage at the mall or a Starbucks drive-thru.

CyberLandr is equipped with all the technological amenities expected of a comfortable, luxury-style camper. Included is Tesla’s Starlink satellite internet for go-anywhere connectivity, paired with Wi-Fi, a 32-in 4K TV with surround sound, floor heating, and a voice-control system for regulating lighting, temperature, and the kitchen faucet. Also, its four-sided dual-pane window array incorporates electrochromic dimming. The CyberLandr camper uses the Cybertruck’s battery for energy but has a 500-watt expanding solar array to feed it electricity.

California startup Form Camper has designed a pickup camper that fits neatly between the bed walls of both the Cybertruck and traditional pickups, like the F-150. It starts as a carbon fiber box in the bed of the pickup truck before expanding electronically into a hard-walled, all-electric camping hut.

The electrically-operated box extends off the back of the pickup truck and drops down to the ground level to create a separate room while simultaneously deploying a hard roof over the entire space. Once fully deployed, the form camper will be able to camp with or without the Cybertruck, thanks to its electric telescopic legs that lift the bed and stand on its own at base camp. Users will then be free to drive around and enjoy daytime adventures without carrying the camper bulk everywhere.

The interior will have 6.6 square feet (71 sq m) of total floor space inside the walls and a door to the outside. Two nylon-ripstop canopies attached to the sides pull out to expand the broad sheltered area.

The startup claims the Form interior will require around five minutes to set up. Users will begin by folding out the double bed from the camper’s pickup-top section. This is folded in half to make room for the stowed kitchen that slides out during expansion. Likewise, the kitchen cooktop, sink, and separate worktop can slide out when needed. In addition, the kitchen will also include a fridge/freezer and several cabinets and drawers. As a bonus, the kitchen can be used seamlessly inside or outside, thanks to its dual-sided cabinets and bidirectional slides.

The Form will feature a cushioned bench for dining on the foldable table between the rear wall and kitchen. Users can remove that bench to double the space as the wet bath, providing a wall-mounted shower, portable toilet, and privacy door.

The Form will use a honeycomb-sandwich construction made of aluminum between carbon fiber, shaving the estimated dry weight down to 454 kg (1,000 lb) and tank-filled wet weight to (590 kg 1,300 lb).

Finally, the LPG-free Form camper will run entirely off a battery – either the Cybertruck’s large automotive pack or the available 300-Ah deep-cycle lithium-ion battery. In addition, a 400-watt solar charging system integrated on the roof will prolong off-grid autonomy and battery life. The camper will be able to carry 189 liters of fresh water and a reverse-osmosis system under the bed for purifying extra water while camping, offering further off-grid readiness.

Cybercat transforms Cybertruck into an amphibious vehicle and an overnight micro-camper for land and sea. Cybercat, designed by Seattle startup TSWLM Electric Vehicles Inc, was inspired by Elon Musk’s infatuation with the submersible Lotus from the James Bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me” (which he owns, by the way.)

Cybercat will comprise a kit of components, a multi-outboard drive, and two inflatable pontoons. The equipment would come apart to neatly fit inside the Cybertruck bed so that the pickup becomes a trailer-less, self-contained land/water vehicle. In addition, the company claims the amphibious chassis is quick to install and should take less time than it would to launch a boat.

Once the entire kit is installed, the Cybertruck would roll into the water at the sand bar. Then, as the water deepens, the electric outboard motors and pontoons would fold down via actuator jacks to get the frame floating and ready for powering forward.

The startup envisions dropping Cybercat’s tailgate and turning it into a diving platform, sundeck, or a fishing boat complete with rod holders and seats. In addition, if you plan to go on a trip overnight, you can add a pop-up pickup camper (like the one Tesla envisioned in 2019) or a basic camper shell. Finally, buyers looking for more speed could upgrade to the Foiler kit, which will lift the Cybertruck out of the water on a pair of hydrofoils.

One thing’s for sure, Cybertruck’s unusual design has encouraged designers to get equally creative in accessory ideas for the ultimate in outdoor adventure.