Glossy 3K Carbon Fiber Coiled Tube

Glossy finish 3k carbon fiber roll-wrapped tube  Features:1. Light weight, high strengthIt is light weight, only a quarter of the steel, it is convenient to transport and easy install. Compared to plastic products, it is several times higher in strength.2. corrosion resistance, anti-aging, long lifecarbon fiber product

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Glossy finish 3k carbon fiber roll-wrapped tube 
Glossy Finish 3K Carbon Fiber Roll-Wrapped Tube


1. Light weight, high strength
It is light weight, only a quarter of the steel, it is convenient to transport and easy install. Compared to plastic products, it is several times higher in strength.

2. corrosion resistance, anti-aging, long life
carbon fiber products have good resistance in the erosion of the acid, alkali, salt, and some organic solvents,

3.It is much better in corrosion protection area than other metals and has good water resistance and aging resistance both in corrosive environments and harsh outdoor, humid environment operations.

Glossy Finish 3K Carbon Fiber Roll-Wrapped Tube

Carbon Fiber Rod Application:

Aerospace, ocean, auto, sport, model aircraft, stunt kite, Car and so on.
Glossy Finish 3K Carbon Fiber Roll-Wrapped Tube

Relevant specification and weight of carbon fiber rods as follows:
Specification(mm)Weight(g/m) Specification(mm)Weight(g/m)
2.0*1.0m/m3.52 6.3*3.5m/m16.5
3.0*1.2m/m8.9 7.0*5.0m/m13
3.0*1.5m/m7.95 7.5*5.0m/m15
3.0*1.7m/m7.2 8.0*5.0m/m18.35
3.0*2.0m/m5.9 8.0*6.0m/m16.3
3.5*1.7m/m11 9.0*5.0m/m24
3.5*2.0m/m9.73 9.0*6.0m/m22
3.5*2.5m/m7.1 9.0*7.0m/m17
4.0*2.0m/m14.2 9.5*6.0m/m27
4.0*2.3m/m12.65 9.5*8.1m/m15.4
4.0*3.0m/m8.25 10.0*7.0m/m24
4.5*3.0m/m5.3 10.0*8.0m/m21
5.0*3.0m/m18.9 12.0*9.0m/m29.7
5.0*3.5m/m15.1 12.0*1O m/m25
5.5*3.8m/m18.65 12.7*9.0m/m37.8
5.5*4.0m/m16.8 15.0*12 m/m38.2
5.8*4.5m/m23.7 16.0*8.0m/m91
6.0*4.0m/m23.55 16.0*12 m/m66
6.0*4.5m/m18.55 ......

Glossy Finish 3K Carbon Fiber Roll-Wrapped Tube
Our Company:

Dongguan Lianhang Decorative Materials Factory is located in Houjie Town, Dongguan City, which is a high-tech composite products enterprise. It is a professional production and sales of fiberglass, carbon fiber and epoxy products. The company is one of manufacturers that produces FRP composite pultrusion, winding products and profile products. Company introduces the world advanced automated production equipment to produce quality products. 

Our company constantly develops new products to meet the market demand, specilized in the manufacture of glass fiber and carbon fiber products for more than 10 years, including OEM service.

The main products our corporation deals in are: fiberglass pole, fiberglass rod, fiberglass tube, fiberglass sheet, fiberglass telescopic pipe, fiberglass taper solid rod, hollow tube, FRP square pipe, FRP channel, Carbon fiber rod, carbon fiber tube, carbon fiber sheet, 1 k carbon fiber reel pipe, 3 k carbon fiber reel pipe, carbon fiber telescopic tube, carbon fiber taper pipe, conical rod. Transparent epoxy rod, epoxy rod, insulated core rod, transparent epoxy tube and so on.The performance of these products is: high strength, high elasticity, high temperature resistant, anti-aging, impact resistant, corrosion resistant, easy coloring, low shrinkage, stable quality, light weight so on.

Glossy Finish 3K Carbon Fiber Roll-Wrapped Tube
Glossy Finish 3K Carbon Fiber Roll-Wrapped Tube

(1) Can you give me a discount price?
Answer: It is depending on the volume. The larger the volume is, the more discount you can enjoy.

(2) Why is your price a bit higher than other Chinese suppliers?
Answer: To meet the requirement of different customers and areas, our factory manufactures various kinds of quality for each item at a wide range of price. We can offer the products of different quality levels depending on customer's target price and quality requirement.

(3) How can I get a sample?
Answer: Normally small samples  can be sent free of charge and customers just need to bear the shipping charge, or you can provide your DHL,FEDEX,EMS,UPS courier account number to us. For bigger sizes, it depends.

(4) How can you guarantee the quality of mass production is same with the sample sent to me before?
Answer: Our warehouse staff will leave another same sample in our company, with your company name marked on it, which our production will be based on.

(5) How can you deal with quality issues that customer feedback after receiving the goods?
1) Customers take photos of unqualified goods and then our sales staff will send them to Engineering Department to verify.
2) If the issue is confirmed, our sales staff will explain the root cause and take corrective actions in coming orders.
3) Finally, we will negotiate with our customers to make some compensation.


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